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  • Published by ACLU
    January 19, 2018

    Another Year. Another Fight.

Time to Stand Together!

In this year's political environment, it's pretty obvious that this weekend's marches are not just about women. Here's a short and inspiring video from the ACLU to help us all gain our bearings for the fights ahead.

Local - New Mexico


Local Feature

A PPM Original - Rank 'Em All!

As we embark on ranked-choice voting in the upcoming Santa Fe municipal election, PPM has attended training sessions conducted by the city as well as by FairVote-NM. Both sessions were very helpful in learning about the new system and in helping to gauge voter questions and concerns. As a result, we've written and produced this 5-minute video focused on RCV in the Mayor's race. Our position is clear. Rank 'Em All!

For more information on the upcoming vote, visit Vote Different Santa Fe and check out our Ranked-Choice Voting Topic List. Watch HERE for more local information and updates.



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Take Action


MARCH! In case you missed it, women are marching this weekend! Woman or not, if you're not marching, you're not paying attention! Here in Santa Fe, meet at the Roundhouse at Noon on Sunday 1/21 and MARCH to the Plaza for a Rally!

Here's a one-minute look at last year in Santa Fe.

Stand Together!


Local Events

We recommend March on New Mexico's Community Calendar for details on many local progressive events. They welcome your calendar submissions.


Featured Topic - Ranked Choice Voting

1/10/2018 - From the Santa Fe New Mexican - The State Supreme Court has cleared the way for ranked-choice voting (RCV) in the March Santa Fe election, making Santa Fe the 12th city in the U.S. to use RCV in municipal elections. Check out votedifferentsantafe.com for beginning information.

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